The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Open Source Sports Directory of professional minor league and independent players:

Main Page

How Do I Use The Open Source Sports Directory?Edit

If you know the player's name, or the name of a school, or some other piece of specific information that you want to search by, try the Search Box to the left of this article first.

You can use the Category links at the bottom of any page or search the list of as-entered Categories See more on categories on this page, below.

What Happens If I Don't Find The Player That I'm Looking For?Edit

First, try and find the player. You can use the search box on the left of every page. Check nicknames, or just use the player's last or first name to see if they come up.

If they don't, it may mean that, at this time, we don't have them entered. So you can do two things:

How Do I Change Something, Edit or Add Information to an Existing Player?Edit

You can change information on 99% of entries in our system. To make a change:

  • Find the player page that you want to change;
  • Click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page OR;
  • If there is something in a section that needs revision, you can click on any of the blue Edit links on the right side of each section.

To add players, click here to see the instructions

Can I Make Comments about a Player?Edit

Yes, but not on their bio pages. At the top of each bio page is a tab that is marked "Discussion." You are welcome to vent your spleen there, as long as you maintain calm and order. No flames (trashing people). No bad language, slander, etc. See Policy

To discuss a player, find the player first using the search box. Then go to the discuss tab for that player.

What is 'Family and Friends Remember'?Edit

Each player's bio features an area where relatives, neighbors, friends, former coaches, etc. can put their memories of a particular player. This is very helpful to sports historians who try to piece the careers of players together with first-hand information.

Stats Changes (Damn Statistics)Edit

The only users that will be allowed to add and/or change statistics will be those who have created an [account].